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PyCharm: Staying at home row with quick-list

29 Oct 2015

Something that draw me back from using IDE is that I have to memorise a lot of keyboard shortcuts, and they are unlike vim which you can arrange in a certain order and have it triggered by your hand conveniently like:

,ij # Join lines
,rd # Run debugging server
,fu # Run file browser

As you can see, in vim your can have all this nice key sequence to trigger actions, and you finger stays in the home row, thanks to vim's different modes. But it's not like that in IDE:

Ctrl+Shift+N # Find files
Ctrl+N # Find class
Shift+Esc # Some other commands

Not only they are far from each other, it also often twist your fingers in many ways, I have complained before that I have pinky problems, I have to twist my fingers just to get to some actions. PyCharm is no difference, the keymap are so many and not only sometimes it hurts, I often forget which is which.

So to simplify, PyCharm have this thing called Quick List, it lets you list down all your favorite commands, and dedicate a shortcut to it, so you can have things like Find Class, Find File, New Project, Run, Debug etc in a single list which you can search just like any other PyCharm tool window.

In my case, I set the shortcut as Alt+Minus, it doesn't hurt at all because I'm still staying at the home row, and I can trigger either with one or two hand like below:


I'm planning to use this for sometime and we'll see how it improves the workflow. At least right now the thing I like about it is that now I can see the action name I want to trigger instead of using the shortcuts and triggering the wrong commands, or using the global search which sometimes show too many results and I have to type longer keyword to get to it.

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