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Pinky Problem

23 Oct 2015

I have been using PyCharm lately. Coming from vim, I'd say it takes a bit of practice to move to PyCharm because the nature of it.

In vim you are encouraged to stay in the keyboard's home row, so all movements such as typing and giving commands in vim is really comfortable; your finger doesn't need to move too far away from the center of the keyboard.

Now, in PyCharm things are a lot different. All commands are using key-modifiers: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Tab, Escape, Function keys, etc.

Meanwhile, I have been using Caps Lock as my Ctrl key ever since I moved to vim, but I feel it is still not sufficient, so I did further research.

There are a lot of suggestions; use ergonomic keyboard, use palm/pinky knuckles to hit Ctrl key, etc. But I shortlisted them and found the ones I think are good and will try it for the next couple of weeks, they are:

I think the biggest change for me is the 3rd point, using both hand for shortcuts will make me more aware about the keys I'm hitting, and that I think is a good thing.

I hope this can work wonderfully for the next coming weeks and will try to post the updates soon.

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