Dedy Purwanto


28 Oct 2015

Lately my eyes is very sore, I'm not sure if it's due to haze, or just being in front of screen for too long. Either way, it's concerning, often times it affects my productivity; I get tired too fast, and lose my mood to do anything.

Right now I don't have enough courage to go and check it with doctors. I'm a long-time user of Flux, when I still frequently use my Macbook Air, I have it all the time, it didn't brought that much difference back then. But lately I have been using it in my Windows machine, I set it to be a bit yellow-ish during daytime, and now the difference is much better.

I can stare on the screen for much longer without having any eyesore, in fact I feel more cozy. I hope this can mitigate any possible health risk and I will of course check with doctors in the future.

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