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Accidentally threw my phone into water

18 Feb 2012

As if I don't have enough record of carelessness with my Samsung Galaxy S2, dropped it thousands times, and have to praise the lord about how lucky I am that the phone still working fine. Today, I accidentally dropped it into a bucket full of water.

Yes, you hear it right. The rain was heavy for the last to days, and I just found out the ceiling on my apartment is dripping water somewhere around 3AM, right onto my bed when I was sleeping. So I woke up that night, move my bed just a little bit away from the leak, and put a bucket above my floor just right beside my bed so it won't create mini-flood in the morning, and then I went back sleeping. But the story doesn't end happily.

Somewhere around 4.30AM, my phone, which was on my desk, ringing, telling me there's an email coming. I took my phone from my desk and read what it was about, and then, put it on top of my pillow, and went back to sleep.

About a while, I heard something dropping into the bucket of water, loud. Not a usual noise I would hear every night, so I woke up to find what it is, and saw my phone, with a screen on, diving to the deepest level of the bucket, the live wallpaper is glowing just like my eyes when I see that thing is swimming where even in the commercial it doesn't advice people to allow it.

Half conscious, I jumped and grab my phone, realized it's still on, I shut it down, but keep the case closed, and went back sleep, planned have a further look in the morning. I hold it while I'm sleeping, and not realizing I pressed the power button once again, and turned it on. Only hours after that I realize it because it's warned me about the battery level is low.

So I woke up, shut it down again, and open up the case, put it on a desk where sun light can reach. Wait for few hours and turn it back on. It started to behave oddly, I put the charger but it doesn't recognize it, restart it few times, then only it recognize the charger I plugged in, but it keeps charging even when I pull the charger out.

Also, Vlingo - SGS2 voice recognition software keeps popping out asking me what would I like to do. So I put the phone off few hours again, and it doesn't turned off, instead it's showing a battery charging screen with a warning about temperature increase, I freaked out.

I hold a phone as well as try to smell something, but I sense nothing's wrong with it's physical condition. And just to make sure everything's fine, I plugged out the battery, and blow all the port with an old-unused hair dryer. Put it back on again.

It doesn't turned on, it still showing the battery charging screen with a temperature warning. Shit.

And then I tried few combination, such as putting the charger while the phone is off, and turn it back on, it works, but heck I'm sure something's wrong.

My carelessness is again giving me a nightmare, the phone still have a warranty, though. So I'm gonna check whether the service center can work something out to fix it, and hopefully, they won't notice how the phone end up like this.

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