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10FastFinger hack

12 Feb 2012

This is an old gist, I was simply playing with 10FastFinger and wondering how the game works. The gameplay is that you are required to type as fast as you can, there will be sentences that you need to re-type. Knowing that there are existing sentences, I was thinking to grab it and make the computer type itself. So here is the gist:

 * BOT for 10fastfingers, automatic typing with adjustable speed
 * ================================================================
 * bored in my apartment and decided to hack this game:
 * just start the game, when you're ready to type, DON'T TYPE ANYTHING, open up
 * your Developer Tools in Chrome (CTRL+SHIFT+J) and click Console tab, and
 * then paste the whole code below, then press enter, and enjoy the show.

var word_idx = 0;
var interval_per_word = 250; // in milliseconds
function hackit(){
        $('#inputfield').val(words[word_idx] + ' ');
        var keyup = jQuery.Event('keyup');
        keyup.which = 32;
        setTimeout('hackit()', interval_per_word);
setTimeout('hackit()', interval_per_word);

And here is one of the sample output:

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