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Changing "gray area" at the side of GVIM

16 Oct 2011

I've faced similar case for several times, when I maximized my GVIM, it shows gray area at the bottom and right side of the screen. After some research, I found out that GVIM window dimension is actualy based on columns and rows rather than pixels. Therefore if your resolution is not matched with the total cols/rows of GVIM window, it will show 'waste' area which is on gray.

Some people suggest to set the columns and rows to 8888 in their vimrc, which doesn't really work for me, so instead of trying to hack the size, I'll just hack the color by customizing my theme's gtkrc. Let's replace the gray color into something similar to GVIM background, so we wouldn't notice the difference.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 with Ambiance theme, so I updated my /usr/share/themes/ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc by adding this entry (at anywhere, I prefered in the middle):

style "vim-background" { 
    bg[NORMAL] = "#202020" 

widget "vim-main-window.*.GtkForm" style "vim-background"

That way, everytime I opened GVIM the grayed area will be changed to a darker color which is matched with my GVIM background.

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